Sensory/Special Needs Friendly

All About Special Needs Kids (AAsnK) is on a mission to make the world little more special needs friendly. 

We've surveyed over 500 families to gain a better understanding of their children's needs.


We appreciate all the families who participated in the survey.

Please, consider the positive impact you could have on our community if your establishment hosted a sensory day for special needs families.

Others = Staff training, Sensory days, handicap bathrooms, decreased wait times, and carts for disabled children. 

Contact us:

P: 347-754-6414

F: 347-296-2332

Find us: 

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx N.Y

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All AAsnK events are recorded and featured on our many social platforms. If you'd like to show the world just how SPECIAL your family is, don't forget to give CONSENT

AAsnK is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation (tax ID number 35-2628236).