Founder/President - All About Special Needs Kids (AAsnK)

Shavonna Smith (Shay) is the President of AAsnK, an organization created for the special needs community by the special needs community. Shay, a former organizer for NYC Single Mothers with Special Needs Children, has worked diligently to bring families together for support, playdates, holidays, birthdays and more. Shay is passionate about working with the special needs community and is happy spending her days connecting with other special needs families. Shay is determined to provide the special needs community with the resources necessary for them to thrive.

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Founder/Vice President - All About Special Needs Kids (AAsnK)

 Lody Lambert, a financial advisor and a former event organizer of SMSNC has facilitated events for single mothers of special needs children to meet and make connections. Her passion to educate, spread awareness and develop the right relationships led her to become the Co-Founder & Vice President of All About Special Needs Kids (AAsnK). Her vision is that all parents and families of special needs children will become a unified force to break down barriers that hinder their children from accomplishing all they can be. She is honored to be of service to you and your child & support you through this journey together at All About Special Needs Kids.  

Founder/Secretary - All About Special Needs Kids (AAsnK)

Danielle Danielson provides care for patients at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and she is an active member of the leadership team at P.S. 330Q. Danielle has made a personal commitment to doing humanitarian work. She partners with many organizations in her community. Danielle is dedicated to helping all special needs families find strength, support and a sense of family outside of their own. She believes that there is hope for all and that the key to a special needs families success, is to build their village. 

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All AAsnK events are recorded and featured on our many social platforms. If you'd like to show the world just how SPECIAL your family is, don't forget to give CONSENT

AAsnK is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation (tax ID number 35-2628236).